Social Pedagogy Volume 1(55) Year XIV 2015

Social Pedagogy No1(55)
PDFSP 1(55) 2015

PDFList of contents 1(55) XIV 2015

Spirituality, religion and upbringing

Pages: 9 – 22
Zbigniew Marek

Religion, religiosity and spirituality as individual resources and social capital within the flied of social pedagogy and social work

Pages: 23 – 71
Janusz Surzykiewicz

Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI as promoters of education and spiritual development of young people – personalistic perspective

Pages: 73 – 92
Bogdan Stańkowski

The validity and importance of Jadwiga Zamoyska’s idea of “triple-work” for the intrinsic development of a person

Pages: 93 – 114
Mariusz Sztaba

Shaping the culture of peace in people – a global perspective

Pages: 115 – 128
Agnieszka Piejka

One place, two faiths

Pages: 129 – 140
Jolanta Muszyńska

Boguslaw Chmielowski (1929–2014) – an outline of his scientific biography

Pages: 141 – 154
Danuta Raś

Lech Witkowski’s reading of the works of Helena Radlińska from the perspective of a modern philosopher of education – scope and method

Pages: 155 – 179
Bogusław Śliwerski

From Ontology to Administration. Social Intergration: Follettian Thinking

Pages: 181 – 196
Margaret Stout, Joannine M. Love, Mirosław Patalon

Two pedagogies

Pages: 197 – 205
Tadeusz Pilch

Study towards change Integration and resistance of Roma families towards evictions policy

Pages: 207 – 243
Tomasz Nowicki

The place and memory about its past from the perspective of the unemployed

Pages: 245 – 259
Kamilla Łaguna-Raszkiewicz

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