Social Pedagogy Volume 2(56) Year XIV 2015

Social Pedagogy No2(56)
PDFSP 2(56) 2015

PDFList of contents 2(56) XIV 2015

Social pedagogy in the face of passivity, inaction and helplessness in the individual and social experience

Pages: 9 – 23
Jerzy Modrzewski

Post-animation in post-democracy

Pages: 25 – 37
Maria Mendel

Social pedagogy in Poland in perspective of consecutive reunions

Pages: 39 – 51
Barbara Smolińska-Theiss

Development of adults in the light of constructivist-developmental theory

Pages: 53 – 70
Marzanna Bogumiła Kielar

The social and socialisation resources of rest

Pages: 71 – 86
Alicja Żywczok

Family within a conflict of norm paradigms and new social facts

Pages: 87 – 100
Maciej Bernasiewicz

“Social environment” as a family research category. Tradition and new trends in Polish social pedagogy

Pages: 101 – 110
Marta Wiatr

Private tutoring as the middle classes’ defence against social degradation based on the example of the community of the Sub-Carpathian region

Pages: 111 – 129
Piotr Długosz

Family in the perception and experience of suitably and unsuitably adapted young people – comparative analysis

Pages: 131 – 154
Ewa Wysocka, Barbara Ostafińska-Molik

Thanatology education – a contemporary challenge

Pages: 155 – 165
Edyta Sielicka

Refugee children in Poland. The experiences of students – volunteers working with Chechen families

Pages: 167 – 178
Edyta Januszewska

A return to community of place and people – the main task of education today

Pages: 179 – 187
Kamila Łaguna-Raszkiewicz

Medical students and a healthy life style

Pages: 189 – 203
Anna Lipka, Maciej Janiszewski, Michalina Musiałek, Mirosław Dłużniewski

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