Social Pedagogy: Rules review

The procedure for submitting and reviewing articles
in the “Social Pedagogy” quarterly journal.

Authors should submit articles through the website or by email to the editor of the Social Pedagogy with the article attached.

Authors will receive confirmation of their submission by email and updates about the ongoing review procedure.

The article is internally assessed to ensure that the title, summary and key words are provided both in English and Polish, that their meaning is compatible and that the article is in accordance with the editorial requirements.

The article then is forwarded to the reviewing team for the first stage of assessment where it is decided whether the article is fit for external, blind review.
The members of the reviewing team are listed at least once a year in the journal. The team brings together scientists with a minimum of a postdoctoral degree and the reviewer allocated to an article can not come from a scientific center represented by the author.

If successful at the first stage, two external reviewers are chosen. The author and the reviewers do not know each other’s identity (double – blind review process).

Every review is prepared in writing using the in-house review template. The review contains the opinion of the reviewer of the proposed article and the recommendation to publish the article in Social Pedagogy or to reject.

The reviewer considers:
– Whether the subject of the article fits the context of the journal’s profile
– If the scientific value of the article corresponds with the generally accepted criteria of the discipline’s discourse within social sciences
– If the paper is original, revealing and written in precise and clear language
– If the arguments and conclusions are documented and embedded in the paradigm of empirical and theoretical social science’s methodology.

If the article does not meet the criteria above, the editors will reject the paper.

At the end of the process, the author of the submitted article receives information by email about the result of the reviews and if successful, the estimated date of the publication of their work.

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