Social Pegagogy: About quarterly

Pedagogika Społeczna quarterly was established in 2001 by the community of Polish social pedagogues, acting under the auspices of the Social Pedagogy Team at the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is a scientific journal focused on such issues as:

  • theory, methodology, and history of social pedagogy in Poland and in the world,
  • environmental determinants of upbringing, educational and cultural processes,
  • impact of living conditions (social and cultural) on human development at different stages of life,
  • forms and methods of supporting the development of individuals as well as activating social groups and communities,
  • selected social and educational phenomena (e.g.: family upbringing, the functioning of school in the environment, institutions of care and social work with child and family, socio-cultural animation, volunteering, and third-sector institutions, social inclusion and exclusion, global education, history of care and upbringing).

The mission of the quarterly is:

  • promoting the development of social pedagogy theory, methodology and practice,
  • inspiring and introducing new educational ideas and solutions to the discourse of social pedagogy, as well as indicating new fields of pedagogical work,
  • building various forms of scientific cooperation and exchange of research results, such as participation in inter-university research projects, joint publications, seminars and conferences,
  • integration of national and international social pedagogical environments,

The quarterly publishes works of well-known authors as well as novice researchers, not only of pedagogues, but also representatives of related sciences, especially sociologists, social politicians and social psychologists.

The journal addresses a wide range of practitioners, including teachers, educators, supervisors, social workers, social and local government activists, people employed in non-governmental organizations.

The journal is included in international databases “The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities” – CEJSH and Index Copernicus International.

In accordance with the Notice of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 31st July 2019 on the list of scientific journals with the number of points awarded for the publication in these journals, Pedagogika Społeczna quarterly has 20 points.

The quarterly is run in accordance with open access rules (CC BY license), which means that users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or give the source in the form of the full text of articles published on the “Pedagogika Społeczna” website without the prior consent of the publisher or author.

The editorial office does not charge any fees for submitting, managing, downloading or making articles available.