Social Pegagogy: About quarterly


The “Social Pegagogy” quarterly is a scientific journal which theme areas focus on issues such as:
a) the local determinants of educational and cultural processes,
b) the impact of socio-cultural living conditions on human development in different life phases,
c) the forms and methods to support the development of individuals, as well as mobilizing social groups and communities,
d) selected socio-educational phenomena (such as: family up-bringing, school functioning in
the community, institutions of care and social work helping the child and family, volunteering
and third sector institutions, social inclusion and exclusion, socio-cultural animation, global
education, history of care and education).

Our mission is:
a) to promote the development of the theory, methodology and practice of social pedagogy,
b) to inspire and introduce the new ideas and educational solutions, as well as to identify new
fields of pedagogical work,
c) to build various forms of scientific cooperation and exchange of research results,
d) to integrate domestic and international scientific communities of social pedagogues.

The journal is a publishing platform for authors from the country’s leading universities, recognized scientific authorities and people starting their socio-educational research.The journal is dedicated not only to social pedagogues but also to representatives of interdisciplinary sciences interested in socialization and education. We welcome contributions from fellow disciplines such as sociology, social politics and social psychology.

The journal is also addressed to a wide range of practitioners, including: teachers, educators and caregivers, social workers, social activists and local government representatives, people employed in non-governmental organizations.

“Social Pedagogy” is indexed in the international databases: “The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities” – CEJSH and Index Copernicus International.

Quarterly “Social Pedagogy” is registered in “World Catalogue of Scientific Journals”.

In accordance with the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, “Social Pedagogy” awards 11 points to contributing authors.


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