Social Pedagogy: Formal requirements for Authors


1. The Quarterly publishes theoretical studies, research works, review papers, reviews, reports from conferences and scientific meetings, as well as chronicle records.
2. The author submits a typescript to the editorial office by electronic means to the address
3. Complete text documentation includes:
a) Completed questionnaire of the author(s) personal details and the signed statement of the author(s) (hyperlink) together with an information clause on the personal data processing. Documents should be scanned and sent by e-mail (to
– The author of the text submitted for publication in “Pedagogika Społeczna” discloses information about entities contributing to the creation of the publication in terms of content, material, finances, etc.
– The main responsibility for failure to comply with the requirements concerning ghostwriting lies with the author of the submitted text.
b) A file with the essential typescript (Formatting template) prepared in accordance with APA Standards.
– Care should be taken to remove any data allowing for identification of the Author in the text.
c) The work should contain a title in Polish and English.
d) Theoretical studies, research and review papers should be accompanied by a summary in Polish and English of up to half a page of a typescript.
e) Works should include keywords (3 – 5) in Polish and English.
4. All submitted works are reviewed (review procedure).
5. The editorial office may return the work to the Author with a proposal to make changes in accordance with the suggestions of reviewers (shortening, rewriting, etc.).
6. All texts sent to the editorial office, the reviews of which end with a recommendation for publication, are published under the CC BY license.
a) Authors sending the text to the editorial office agree to this method of submitting typescripts.
7. Quotations and footnotes should be made in accordance with APA Standards.
8. The typescript should be prepared in accordance with the formatting rules adopted by the editorial office of the quarterly (formatting template).
9. Each Author receives 1 copy of the journal free of charge.