Social Pedagogy: Formal requirements for Authors

Terms and Conditions

1. Social Pedagogy Quarterly accepts theoretical studies, research works, viewpoints book reviews, conference and scientific seminar reports and chronicles.

2. With theoretical papers, research papers and viewpoints, authors must enclose a summary in English and in Polish, each approximately one half of a page. The title and summary should also be in English and Polish The summary of a theoretical paper should contain the main ideas and the conclusions. The summary of a research paper should contain the title of the work, main ideas, methodology and the key findings. Articles should be accompanied by 3-5 key words in both Polish and English. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the English used in their submission is correct. The editors advise that authors consult with a native speaker, as literal translations will be sent back to authors for correction with the aim of maintaining the highest language standards by the journal.

3. When submitting a book review, the author is obliged to provide a scan of the cover of the book that has been reviewed.

4. All papers are reviewed.

5. All successful authors will receive a copy of a printed version of the journal containing their article, free of charge.

6. The editorial office maintain the right to make changes, corrections or to return the paper to the author with proposals such as shortening, rewriting or re-editing the paper.

7. Articles should be sent electronically to: (printed papers are not required). The author is requested to enclose a signed and completed copy of the form, which contains basic information (title, affiliations, correspondence address) and a statement confirming the originality of their paper. If your paper is accepted for publication, authors are obliged to deliver a signed paper version of this form to the editorial office.

8. Works quoted in the paper should be listed at the end in the alphabetical order, by authors’ surnames.

9. The article should be written using the following template:

File type – Microsoft Word
Font – Times New Roman, 12 point
Line spacing – 1,5
Margins – 2,5
Length including bibliography – up to 20 standardised printed pages

10. The accepted form of referencing is:

-Footnotes should be numbered and are only to be used for author’s notes
Bibliographic references are placed within the text including authors surname, date of publishing and the page number, e. g. (Pilch 2001, p. 5)
-When quoting two books by the same author, published in the same year, one should use this form of referencing: (Pilch 2001a; Pilch 2001b)
-When the work of two authors is quoted one should use both surnames
-When more then two authors exist one should use ‘et al.’ e. g. (Konopczyński et al. 2007).

11.Papers should be sent by email to: or by post (with the article saved on a CD) to the postal address: Pedagogium WSNS w Warszawie, ulica Marszałkowska 115; 00-102 Warszawa, with a note FAO: Editorial Office of Social Pedagogy quarterly.

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